Thursday, December 20, 2007

The wonders of Japan.......This is worth the read i promise

Where do i start....... well the other day i was on the bus and an American lady got on with a stroller. But when i looked in there, NO BABY!!!!! It was full of ferrets. I dont even know if that is how you spell it cause i have never used the word before in my 25 years. Anyway, she used to carry them around on her back but then she got two more and wanted them to be able to move around when she took them out. And so she got the stroller. It is so strange. Now i know she was American but i dont know anywhere else in the world where you cant talk on your mobile phone on the bus but you can bring a stroller of ferrets on there. One of the many interesting lessons/experiences i have each day here in Japan.

Today was just as brilliant. We had a fire drill. And the first years (grade 10)learn how to use the fire extinguishers. One student per class (there are 10 classes) has to put out a fire on the sports field while the others watch.

The second years (grade 11) had to learn how to go down the escape slide. YES, ESCAPE SLIDE. There was one on the balconey of the 4th and 5th floors. The one on the 5th floor was so long. Anyway, it is all enclosed and you have to slide down it to get away from the fire. Like the ones they have on airplanes but enclosed and only big enough for one skinny person. Thus many of the overweight people in western countries would not fit. Anyway, I was going to try the shorter one on the 4th floor but at the last minute decided to try the one on the fifth floor. My heart jumped abit when i first sat down at the top but once i left go it was fine. It was so fun. I wanted to have another go. Even some of the tough boys didnt try the long one.

And finally the third years (yr 12) had to go into a room full of smoke and escape safely. Which was hard cause there was this step that almost all the girls fell down when i was in there. I only didnt fall cause i saw them falling. LOL.....

How amazing is that. We also did the normal drill stuff like escaping when the alarm goes off and lining up on the sports field. But the highlight was really the slide. I have never seen anything like that in Australia. Imagine the kids in Oz going down the slide. It looks really scary but its not. I will include some photos for you to have a look at.

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Leon said...

Those fire slides are crazy. Can you tell me how you are expected to set these up and go one person at a time when there is a fire raging so badly you can't just use one of the many sets of stairs i'm sure they have?
And how dumb is the positioning of the mat at the bottom...

P.S. hi Laura!!!!!