Monday, November 26, 2007

November In Japan

Well, I actually started Nov in Australia. Or should i say MOVEMBER......... Now i am back in Japan. It was very hard to leave Oz again but i am starting to feel at home here again. Probably helped by the fact that i havent stopped since i have been back. I went to my first ever Thanksgiving Dinner with a bunch of American last thursday night. There was even roast turkey.....this is amazing cause most of us dont have ovens. My friend Kim made pumpkin pie for the first time ever and it was awesome. Then the next day Kim and I explored one of the stations near my house. And we found and saw some really crazy stuff. I will post those photos later.

Saturday the 24th of Nov will be now always be known to me as crazy Aussie day. The day when a big group of foreigners disrupted the streets of Roppongi on their way to vote in the Federal election. There was even a blow up Kangaroo.

Sunday, i went to see a close family friend and went to a seminar day with her. There was koto (Japanese Harp) playing and traditional Japanese dancing. Keiko also made me get up and do Kareoke. Luckily, the whole table got up and helped me. I am an awful singer and they take it seriously here in Japan.

And now today i am at school for the morning. And then i have ameeting elsewhere in the arvo.

Here is the link to the first of the November photos. More later when the month is actually over.

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