Saturday, October 6, 2007

School Sport Day - so fun!!!!!!!!!!

What an awesome day. It was nothing like the ones we have at St Philips. It was much more fun. The students practice in gym/PE class and then the students who are the fastests in each class are in the only running races of the day. Then it is all very fun races.

The first thing that was done after the races was tug of war. There were five teams. Red, white, green, yellow and blue. Each team had to play the other one. And each team was allowed 60 kids. It was really great.

Then we had the relay. It was awesome as well. First they had to jump in a potato sack. It looked really hard cause they had to jump on this mat thing. Then the next leg was going under and over the hurdles. The third leg was jumping ova a gymnastics horse and then crawling under a net held down by other students. And then the last part was finding a marshmallow with your mouth in flour and then running to the finish line. It was really funny but they all took it serious enough to compete.

Then they had centipede races. So many fell over and other were really good at it. It was great.

Then the white rabbit race which involved one student running along the backs of other students along the field. It looked really great.

There were many other races too but these ones were the ones that stood out.

But one race was special to me because i got to go in it. It was a sled relay and a teacher got to be on the sled last. There were four rounds and I was in the first one. It was so fun. I was so scared beforehand but it was so fun. I loved it.

I have put photos of this onto facebook. Here is a link to my photos.

Sports Day

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