Saturday, April 14, 2007

A job in Japan

Hi all,

Well early last week I was offered a position in the JET (Japan Exchange Teacher) Program for the second half of this year. So I am about to start my last term at St Philip's College in Alice Springs.

The application process started in October last year as I collected references and filled in lots and lots and lots of forms. Then I sent the application to the Consulate in Sydney in December. In early January, I received a letter saying that I had made it through to the interview stage. So in early Feb, I flew to Sydney and attended an interview. I came out of it feeling that it could go either way. I actually thought it had not gone well. Then in April, my acceptance letter arrived.

I had to go and have a health check and it turns out that I am in really good shape. Always a good thing to know. Anyway, I have sent my acceptance letter to the JET people and now I just wait to find out where I will be posted. This letter should arrive in late May so I will keep you posted.

Please feel free to leave me a comment when you read this. And as of July 29th I will be writing from somewhere in Japan.

Love, me

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